Palak gosht

Ingredients Required: ( in order of occurrence)

a. Mutton – half kg.
b. Butter / olive oil / ghee : as u like – 2 to 3 tablespoons.
c. Onion – 1 cup of chopped onions
d. Ginger garlic paste – 2 tablespoons
e. Spinach – 2 cups finely chopped .
f. Spices ( 1 teaspoon each ) : salt , red chilly powder ( can add more if u like ) , coriander powder.
g. Turmeric powder and garam masala ( 1/4th teaspoon ).
h. Tomato – 1 cup finely chopped / ground

Let’s get started:
1. Pressure cook the mutton for 20 mins / 5 whistles ( make sure it’s completely cooked when you open and check )
2. On a pan add butter ( you can choose olive oil or ghee as per your preference )
3. Fry onions till red
4. Add ginger garlic paste
5. Add Palak , and cook till the color changes to dark green
6. Meanwhile throw in all the spices
7. Add the boiled mutton and 1/4th cup of mutton stock, cook for 5-10 mins together .
8. Once the oil shows up , throw in the tomatoes and cook more .
9. Don’t close the pan lid , cook it open as we want the water to reduce .
10. Finally serve hot

You can choose to eat just the Palak gosht if you are on keto diet , other times tastes yum with Rotis or rice.
Total time – up to 1 hour

Try it and let us know how you liked it…

Zafamoir’s Palak gosht

By cookingwithzafamoir

We are 4 born to middle class Indian parents, who have a routine, who never really experimented with food. We used to eat the same rotis, salan, rice etc, once in a while we used to have family outings and dinners, we also reserved the special dishes for "family Dawats". Mom, a government officer, who barely had time for herself ever, tried to cheer us up as kids by trying out homemade south Indian dishes, ice creams, cakes, sweets etc on weekends.

As we grew up, we moved apart. My sister Iram, is married and a doctor in Dubai. My brother Faraaz is studying in a Med school in Latvia. My twin brother Zaki and I (Zaman), decided to stick together for a while more, both staying in Bangalore, both students. We chose not to make the same mistake as our older siblings did and took up engineering-ran away from the never ending medical profession. All of us are happy in our own ways-with millions of daily experiences, sharing with each other the lil things in life.

As we all started living independently-The biggest challenge was to survive without parents help, in every way. Major part along with many chores, was "COOKING". Mom however tried to train us from the beginning to do all the work by ourselves as she knew we had to live without parents some day.

Iram started cooking after her marriage, and 5 years into it, she cooks like a pro. Faraaz is a lazy ass, but even lazy people get hungry and its not always ideal to go out and eat in Latvia, so he started experimenting too. Zaki loves cooking for fun-a boon for me, I never had to cook, so by far, I am the only non-cook in the family surviving on other's services haha. So this is a great opportunity for me to learn from them as we blog.

Staying away brings you more closer they say, well, we 4 always share everything to each other-specially all the food experiments we do.
Eventually- came up with "why don't we blog about it", so here we are, "ZaFaMoIr", sharing our cooking experiences with you all.

By the way "ZaFaMoIr" is a short for zaman, faraaz, Mohammed(zaki's first name) and Iram.

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